This is the official site of the Concrete Rose Organization, a cell of the Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist Movement (RAIM) that is based in Atlanta, Georgia. Our guiding ideology is Marxism-Leninism-Maoism of the Third-Worldist trend; Maoism Third-Worldism (MTWism) for short. We take our name from the poem: “The Rose that Grew From the Concrete” by Tupac Shakur. It is our belief that Marxism-Leninism-Maoism is that rose and that it is nurtured by the revolutionary spirit of the masses.

Defining us as a MTWist cell based in ATL means that we are a small group of revolutionaries who serve the oppressed people of the Georgia region while our common operating point, such as where our PO Box will be located, is in Atlanta.

Cardinal Principles
Our cardinal principles, the key ideas that define us, are that of RAIM’s.

1. Communism
Our principal goal is the complete abolition of class society through proletarian revolution, its class dictatorship and scientific socialism. The past century of communist revolution has taught us that in the course of socialist construction we must wage a decisive struggle against revisionism, initiate many cultural revolutions and defeat the capitalist line. We reject postmodern, liberal-utopian and technocratic “alternatives” to scientific socialism, and uphold the validity of Marxism, Leninism and Maoism.

2. Revolution
The only way that proletarian power can be built is through revolution and the conquest of state power. As communist revolutionaries, all tactical considerations surround the strategic necessity of making revolution. We therefore reject revisionist and “activist” ideas of building institutions that respond piecemeal to conditions with no path to power.

3. Parasitism Theory
The First and Third World exist in a state of over- and under-development. The First world has, through the maldevelopment of the Third World, achieved a parasitic domination over it. This relationship has produced an unconventional set of material conditions in the First World which has, in turn, produced a unique class make-up in the imperialist countries wherein the labor aristocracy and petty bourgeoisie predominate both politically and numerically.

4. The Labor Aristocracy
We not only believe that the labor aristocracy is a class, but an enemy class that has arisen in the course of the development of imperialism. Our program opposes their ideology and their institutions. If we are to build proletarian class hegemony and construct a real revolutionary class, we cannot accomplish our goals through the capitulation to the labor aristocracy and petty bourgeoisie of the imperialist countries in order to attain cheap popularity or easy victories. We have seen over the past century the program of appeasement toward the imperial labor aristocracy lead to failure time and again.

5. National Liberation
National liberation is at one and the same time the object and process of Global People’s War. Without the liberation of oppressed nations from their oppressors, and the self determination of their peoples, there can be no genuine revolutionary movement toward the abolition of all class society. We therefore support unconditionally the struggles of oppressed nations against imperialism and for their full right to self determination, but that is not to say that we uncritically accept the dominant feeling among the masses of the oppressed nations. The role of revolutionaries is to lead and learn from the masses in building and initiating programs of national liberation and decolonization. We are therefore opposed to the liberal line that tails the most unsystematic ideas among the nationally oppressed masses, confuses the historic tasks of revolutionaries, and profits opportunistically from the underdevelopment of mass consciousness. Furthermore we hold that the political content of settler-colonialism cannot be separated from its national project. In north amerika the right of national sovereignty belongs to the indigenous and occupied peoples, and not to the settler-states that live at their expense. The settler nation must necessarily perish in the process of decolonization, and its subjects reconstructed in the course of revolutionary struggle.

6. Revolutionary Feminism
We believe in the total liberation of the gender/sexually oppressed from their subjugation under patriarchy. This, however, can only be accomplished through the collective and revolutionary struggle for the abolition of gender and patriarchy as a whole through a protracted revolutionary program. We stand firmly against those programs which emphasize individual “personal empowerment” over that of building a strong collective movement for the destruction of patriarchy. Patriarchy exists as a stronghold of class society, and must be abolished for the world proletariat to claim its final victory.

In Solidarity,
Concrete Rose Organization (CRO)