This is the official site of the Concrete Rose Organization, a cell of revolutionaries serving the oppressed people of Atlanta. Our guiding ideology is Marxism-Leninism-Maoism. We take our name from the poem: “The Rose that Grew From the Concrete” by Tupac Shakur. It is our belief that Marxism-Leninism-Maoism is that rose and that it is nurtured by the revolutionary spirit of the masses. 

Defining us as a cell based in ATL means that we are a small group of revolutionaries who serve the oppressed people of the Georgia region while our common operating point, such as where our PO Box will be located, is in Atlanta.

Cardinal Principles
Our cardinal principles are the key ideas that define us and our membership. A cadre of CRO must agree on all the following points. 

1. Communism is Our Goal
Our principal goal is the complete abolition of class society through proletarian revolution, its class dictatorship and scientific socialism. We reject postmodern, liberal-utopian and technocratic “alternatives” to scientific socialism, and uphold the validity of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism.

2. Revolution is Necessary
We believe that the only way towards the liberation of the world’s people against imperialism is through armed struggle, and that it is the duty of communists in all countries to build the revolution and the overthrow of their own bourgeoisie. 

3. The Dictatorship of the Proletariat is Necessary
We believe that after the revolution, the formerly exploited and oppressed people who have overthrown bourgeois dictatorship must decide how society is run. This new dictatorship must be in service of the international proletariat, and must maintain on the socialist road.

4. Cultural Revolution is Necessary
We believe that after the revolution and the establishment of the proletarian dictatorship, a new bourgeoisie forms under socialism. Mao led the charge to expose the bourgeoisie that developed within the communist party in the Soviet Union and the campaign to bombard the headquarters in his own country of China. Class struggle continues under socialism and does not end until the state and classes have been abolished. It has been shown that capitalism restored in the USSR with Khrushchev’s power and in China with Deng Xiaoping’s coup. 

5. Proletarian Feminism is Necessary
We believe that women and queer people’s liberation from patriarchy must be tied to the liberation of the proletariat and vice versa. We reject the liberal and pseudo-feminist ideas represented by the imperialists which call for a more diverse form of bourgeois rule to include women and queer people. Instead, we call for the liberation of women and queer people which is only possible through overthrowing imperialism.

6. The Labor Aristocracy is an Enemy Class that Dominates the First World Countries
We believe that imperialism, through super-profits gained from exploiting the majority of the world, partially uses their profits to buy off whole populations of so-called workers in their countries. These workers form the labor aristocracy in the First World today and is not a vehicle of Maoism. Those who organize the Labor Aristocracy in a fashion that do not betray the class interests of the Labor Aristocracy tighten the death grip of the workers in the Third World. 

7. The Principal Contradiction in the United $tates is between amerika and the oppressed nations
In the United $tates today, the principal contradiction is that of the white nation amerika and the oppressed nations which include New Afrika, Aztlán, and myriads of First Nations. We believe that this is the primary contradiction that communists should be focusing on while rejecting the bourgeois ideas that try to assimilate these oppressed nations into the empire or erase the proletarian struggle that needs to be present in the liberation of these nations in order for the national liberation to be successful.

In Solidarity,
Concrete Rose Organization (CRO)